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Anonymous asked: You're fat because you're a failure.



EXCUSE ME!! I literally needed to get the laptop out for this because i am so fucking sick of this bullshit. I try not to publish hate because nothing positive ever comes of it but i had to for this.


I have came out the other side of child abuse

I have came out the other side of pedophilia

I have came out the other side of constant bullying 

I have come out the side witnessing and coping and dealing with my mum attempting suicide multiple times.

I dealt with a lifetime of my dads alcohol dependency

I have come out the other side of domestic abuse

I have diminished all thoughts and feelings of said abusive partner

I have came out the other side of my own alcohol abuse

I have came out the other side of depression

I deal with my bipolar in such a way i amaze myself

I deal with my anxiety whilst its not always gone, i can, not let it always take over

I have came out the other side of personal self built financial ruin

I have came out the other side of a whole load of people i was so fucking close to dying, some horrific deaths

On top of that all I’ve learnt to love and accept myself in a world that tells me i shouldn’t.

I’m fat because that’s just the way i am, the way i designed myself, its how i have turned out and I’m happy with it. No matter how my body changes i will always love it.

I’m 25, I’m damaged and yes I’m fat but I’m as strong as hell so don’t EVER EVER EVER tell me I’m a fucking failure. Now I DARE YOU to come to my house and say this to my face.

Anon a fucking failure. You don’t tell people they are a failure.

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I want a friendship like this.


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I feel like I could write a 12 page essay about this video

did my life just change

this is some accidental iphone short film shit

ded bb bee :-(

holy what

life changing

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